Save Page as... not working


When I right click > Save Page as… on most websites, the download is interrupted. At first I thought it was because the file extension was not being added automatically, but even when I add a .html extension manually, the download gets interrupted.
There are a few website where this does seem to work ( being one of them, but even in those occasions, when I open the saved page, it just connects me to the website instead of opening an offline version of the page.
After searching a bit about this issue, I did find a post from December 2016 on github of a user asking for a new feature enabling users to save a page for offline viewing. If this is a feature that Brave does not currently have, can someone please explain what the “Save Page as…” option was actually intended to achieve? Thanks!


Could you please tell what version you are using? You can find the details in about:brave. I see it does save the page and loads the offline page when opened.

Would it be possible to share the links where the save as is not working?


The version is 0.18.29 On microsoft windows x64.
Here’s one example of a page that won’t save:
When I right click > Save as… the Windows explorer window gives me Filename: www . reddit . com (there is no spacing, I just added this because the forum won’t let me post more than two links) and Save as type: All files (.)
When I save that on my desktop for example it becomes an MS-DOS application (.com).
I thought I could fix that by adding .html to the filename. That saves the file to the desktop but when I double click to open it, Brave acts like it was loading a webpage from the actual site and crashes.

Another example is
This will not save at all. Whether or not I add a .html to the filename, the download manager just shows status as “interrupted”.


The issue is logged to provide appropriate file extension for save as. You can track the issue here