Save button on the inspector CSS editor

Dear devs,
thank you for delivering a great browser!

It has happened many times that I wish to apply a quick fix to the layout of a page. Most of the times it’s just hiding some annoying content, and I’m glad that Brave has a builtin dialog to do just that.

But other times I’d like to change an annoying aspect that hinders the use of a certain website, most recently a max-width rule that restricts the size of videos on a learning platform where I have been spending many hours studying. I can easily do that in the inspector, by disabling the rule through its checkbox, or change its value. But these changes are not persisted across page reloads.

Would you consider adding a “Save” button to the inspector, so that any changes performed manually (such as disabling rules or changing values) would be persisted, per site, as a sort of user stylesheet?