Save As PDF File Lacking In Brave

For years I’ve been using Opera as my default browser until I discovered Brave. In Opera when you click on menu and select page there are four options.

Full screen
Save as
Save as PDF

When I right click on a webpage in Brave there are only two options

Save as

Which means when I want to save a page as a PDF file, I have to highlight the address bar in Brave and then copy it, nip over to Opera paste the website address and then save the page as a PDF file.

Can the developers, please find some way of adding a Save as PDF file option to the browser.


Ctrl-P (Print) then select “Save to PDF” or “Microsoft print to PDF” in the first menu. Done.

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Thanks, I’d forgotten about that option in print.

However, when using this option compared to the option in Opera. When saving a webpage in Opera as a PDF file you see the webpage as you would see it in your browser.

In Brave when using CTRL + print option the background of the page is white, when in fact, it should be blue.

I would stil prefer to use Opera to save PDF files.

Make sure you check “Print background graphics”, although printing a blue background doesn’t sound like a great idea in terms of cartridge/toner usage or readability.

I did as you suggested . The background was in the same colour as it is on the webpage and the text was readable. However, there is what looks to be a white margin on both left and right side.

Furthermore a single webpage has been split into three pages, with the bottom of the webpage now becoming the top of page two.

I compared this with Opera which gave a single page and no white margins as it is seen on the website. I hate having to use two browsers. I like Brave, it has everything I want, apart from one thing and that is to save PDF files the way I save them in Opera.

It’s unlikely that we will add this functionally into the browser any time soon. I would highly recommend downloading an extension that can do this work for you (there are several). PDF Mage, for example, should meet your needs:

Also, check out this free online tool:
You can remove the stuff you don’t need and then print the page (or save it as PDF).


Thanks for that, just tried it, it works fine.

Issue solved.

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Very glad to hear that. I’ve passed this information onto the team anyway to let them know that there is interest in the feature.

Thank you.

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