Save All Tabs URLs to Clipboard

Save All Tabs URLs to Clipboard is very useful if I get too many opened tabs and want to save every tabs URLs before I close all tabs. I missing this feature in Brave Browser.

Did other browser/s have this feature? How is it different from Bookmarks feature?

In Firefox you can use add-ons for this. I don’t want to bookmark every opened tab, just copy every tabs URLs to Clipboard.

I want to save all tabs URLs to Clipboard before I close all tabs. The difference is obvious vs save all tabs as bookmarks. I can paste the URLs from Clipboard to Notepad and save it, and later if I want to look for some important URL I can check the text-file. I don’t want to have thousands of bookmarks, just a text-file with all old URLs, in case I need to go back for some old URL later.

I also created this issue which is quite similar, but allows for more granularity by exporting urls of all tabs in a group rather than just all tabs :+1: