Save a webpage as an App

The feature I am suggesting is to allow webpages to be saved as apps. This would further increase performance for users by allowing them to save a webpages as an application, that can then be pinned to the taskbar, for quick site access. This features is currently included in each Chromium based Browser, such as Chrome, Opera, and Edge. From my perspective, adding this feature would not inherently reduce privacy or security.

To go over once more:

The feature would allow a user to click the settings menu, app, save page as app. Then they, on a windows system could pin it to their task bar.
This feature will increase user performance, increase convivence, make the browser more comfortable to use when switching to it, and will not inherently reduce security or privacy.

If the site is supporting PWA, then you can install it as an app – there’ll be an install icon at URL bar. Should have the same behavior with Chromium/Chrome.