Sardine did not deliver my crypto asset

Sardine did not deliver an asset I purchased this September. After some back and forth, they stated there was some technical problem with the transaction and promised a full refund. I am still waiting for my refund and Sardine has stopped replying to my email. Any assistance would be highly appreciated.

@Aman_M could you take a look ?
I guess it would be better to tag @hub as well.

Not sure what can be done here. @ibewil If Sardine says they will process refund then you should work with them.

Just out of curiosity, did you buy crypto from within Brave Wallet?

Hi @ibewil,

This will a matter for you and Sardine as we cannot see what happens between you and them. ACH refund typically take a bit of time and maybe Sardine has limited support during the holidays.

If you still haven’t heard from by next Monday, you can send my the order ID and I will try reaching out to them too.



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