Sandbox your browser



Good Day Community,

If you are like me and worried about compiling Brave with npm etc, you could always sandbox your browser.
If you’re wondering what sandboxing is, exactly, here is a link:

This is how I did in on my Manjaro install (Arch-based).

Step 1) Install Firejail

On ubuntu/mint/elementary/debian/deepin it should be:

sudo apt-get install firejail

Step 2) Linking your browser execution file to firejail - this will allow you to open brave without “running” firejail explicitly.

Manually/Explicitly, one could run, which would run brave inside a sandbox

firejail brave

Top automate it, you simply type

ln -s /usr/bin/firejail /usr/local/bin/brave

To test if you have been successful, you simply launch Brave, open a terminal while brave is open and execute the command:

firejail --list

This should yield two entries, one where it show firejail is running and secondly, the firejail brave is running.

I hope this helps.



For Windows nerds, use Sandboxie: