Samsung tablets forcing Samsung homepage on brave


To whom it may concern,

After installing Brave on my SMT580, when opening the brave browser it forces the Samsung homepage to open up. I tried to change it in the settings but it still opened the Samsung homepage no matter what I tried.

Had to uninstall the browser,


Start up page android

Hi @superdave132,

Is this on mobile (Android or iOS) or desktop?


The Tablet has android 7.0


Hi eljuno,

Thanks for responding

Its a galaxy tab A


Thanks for the info @superdave132,

Let me cc @LaurenWags and @Serg on this. I believe it’s not expected behavior.


Same!! However, I was able to change the homepage I’m my Samsung Tab. There is a different option of “Homepage” in brave in settings!


Wow, just reopened It, seems to have stopped for now.

Thanks everyone :smiley:



Samsung tabs set as their defaut home page on most chromium based browsers. Micromax does the same thing :slight_smile:


I did that initially, but it appeared to have taken a few moments for it to take effect for some strange reason.

Thanks again


Feel free to ping back on brave community!

Best Regards! :smile:

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