Samsung s21 5g crash on vids - google services disabled

at the time of this bug creation, i have checked for current brave app.


this isssue seems due to google services being turned off, yet does not happen on my laptop that has no google installed.

samsung s21 5g
have 2 identical phones, happens on both.
1 version
2 t mobile

this is not an issue on my laptop, same sites.

it instantly crashes every time i go to any video site with active videos on the phones. it completely closes of brave app. any attempt to open brave app while still on that page, crashes it. for an instant, if fast enough, if i hit the back button to a previous non video screen, it works.

all u tube vids crash as soon as page begins loading.

at ( ), main page here is fine, goto any page that has a vid to watch, instant crash.

also it keeps saying it wants to clear cookies…?
( yes i know what and how to, no change )

personal note: google is an invasive system and i work hard to stay away from it. if there is any way to use brave WITHOUT google services being involved, please let me know.

note: duckduckgo does not crash with google services turned off, same sites.

thank you.

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