Samsung Galaxy S4 - crashes in Facebook


Since the last update (version 1.0.18) I’ve had many crashes while navigating Facebook on my Galaxy S4 (with Android 5.0.1), whereas I have no trouble at all on my Nexus 7 (2012) tablet. Clearing the cache doesn’t fix the problem, and again the problem seems to be triggered by Facebook only.

What can I do?


@Kiran we are going to push a new update tomorrow probably with critical fixes. You can try it manually from that location Thanks.


Same issue on my galaxy s4
Os : lollipop 5.0.1
Brave version : 1.0.21

I’m getting Force close when browsing, most of its on Facebook and sometimes its on other sites.


@jerryn70 - could you please provide additional details like your steps to reproduce? It would be helpful to know what actions are you taking on facebook when this happens. (i.e. scrolling through your feed, posting comments, etc?)


Yes i get FC when i scroll through the feeds


Thanks @jerryn70.

We just released an update to the google play store, could you please update and try again?

If you are still experiencing the problem, could you please:

  1. Provide your Brave shield settings so I can try to reproduce?
  2. Try on a different browser and see what the results are? You could try Chrome if you have that installed.


Updated to the latest version but still iam facing the issue.

1, block scripts is disabled and all others are enabled

2, No problem with other browsers.

Note : There are different galaxy s4 models (different model number and with different processor). Mine is galaxy s4 i9500 with samsung exynos processor


@jerryn70 did you submit the crash report to us when it asks to do that in a crash dialog? Thanks.


Yes I have done that

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