Same recovery phrase on different devices

I have 3 different instances of Brave running (let’s call them Android, Windows, and Linux to line up with the OS on each device). When I was setting up the second instance on Windows, having been completely new to the game, I restored the one I created on Linux initially, using the seed phrase. My Android one is fine with a distinct phrase. I have the Windows and Linux versions verified (with Gemini, if that matters).

Based on what I know so far, all instances should have different wallets with distinct recovery phrases. If so, how do I create a new wallet on Windows (or Linux) and get it linked (back) up with Gemini?

@deak21 Yeah, since you ended up using the recovery phrase, you cloned the wallets. If you go to brave://rewards-internals and look at your Wallet Info, you should be able to compare and see if they are indeed the same. Assuming they are, you’d have to uninstall one of them and then reinstall a new instance of Brave on that device. In doing so, it will have its own innate wallet. Continue on as if you’re a new user but then go to Verify and Log In or whatever to Gemini and it should link up to your custodial wallet with them.

Then the way it will work is each month you’ll receive 3 payments based on earnings. One from the Android, one from Windows, and one from Linux. I’m guessing you might not have been getting rewards on your desktops because of the clone (it sometimes gets you flagged) or if lucky enough to avoid that…only been getting the 2 different payments, right?

Sync is different than the wallets. If you’re talking sync code or phrase, that just would be for your bookmarks, browser history, and/or passwords. So if you did indeed clone the wallet and have to uninstall, you’ll still be able to Sync it with your other devices to have your bookmarks and all still, so long as they have an existing sync chain going. Just be sure that’s in place before you remove it, if you care about all that.

Thanks for the detailed response! The confusing issue here is that the wallets are distinct (different payment ID, address, etc.) but the recovery phrase is the exact same. WOuld you still recommend reinstalling brave?

@deak21 That is confusing as I thought Wallet ID and all would be the same since it was restored using recovery phrase, but maybe it still differentiates due to device type and all. I’m going to be the first to admit I don’t know a lot of details on that. I do know though it should have seen it as the same wallet. Most likely the best solution is as I said and won’t hurt, but it might be best to verify with @Mattches if you have any concerns. I tagged him here hoping he might see it and respond later for more clarification.

@deak21 Did you use your seed phrase here- brave://wallet/?

Unfortunately I do not remember the specifics of how I restored the wallet.

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