Same amount of BAT (0,250) every month with totally different number of ads received… In France

Hi, I’ve been using Brave since 26th of october, in France. So far i’ve received the same amount every month tough the number of ads received is very different :

  • 0,250 BAT for the month of october, with around 10-15 ads received
  • 0,250 BAT for the month of november, with around 40-50 ads received

I’ve been using Brave on two different laptops (work and personal) + an iphone, which are all brave synced, and I still receive 0,250 BAT on each laptop every month… So now i have two unverified wallets with 0,500 BAT on two different laptops.
How is it possible that the reward is always 0,250 BAT ?

Brave version : 1.32.133
Auto contribute : off
Unverified wallet because Gemini is not available in France yet, and Uphold requires minimum of 15 BAT…


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