Salty answer my message

You’ve been purposefully ignoring me for weeks.
My Creators account got locked again days after you yourself unlocked it. My account gets unjustifiedly locked days after it gets unlocked by Brave customer service, EVERY TIME.
I am being persecuted and targeted by Brave at this point. Is it because I’m not a native english speaker?
I didn’t do anything with the account, just waiting for the payout to Gemini
Payout which has been blocked by all the account suspensions that happen as soon as Brave customer service unlocks it.
Brave is severely strapped for cash, really gasping for air because they literally do the impossible to not give me that handful of BATs stuck in there.
The linking to my Gemini account is also bugged (Salty said my Creators account is not actually linked to it even though the page says the opposite) and I can’t select BAT as payout currency.
Gemini-to-Brave-Creators connection is broken and no-one wants to fix it.
Brave locks my account out of pure sadism over and over again even though there is NO activity on it.
Customer service unlocks it, two or three days pass, it gets locked again.
I am sick and tired of being ghosted and gaslighted. I’ve been polite and understanding and I’ve only received cruel indifference.

Leaving a message so it pops up first again. I don´t know what is happening with the rewards system to be honest.

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