Safe steps to create&verify Gemini account on Android

I’ve been waiting for Gemini support on Android to start getting my BATs out of my browser. So thanks Brave for finally giving us on Android an alternative to Uphold :slight_smile:

Because we’re in the middle of a payout process and I have the feeling it may not be the best moment to verify and change the payout destination, there’s a few questions I’d like to get some insight on:

  1. Should I wait until April rewards get paid to verify with Gemini?

  2. If yes, could or should I get a nit ahead of things and create a Gemini account, do KYC stuff and so on so it’s all done before finally verifying Brave with Gemini?

  3. Is it safe for my in-browser BAT to use the ‘Verify’ feature and create a Gemini account in the process?

Thank you!

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