Sadly No token yet (1 month)

Sadly i been searching issues same as mine about having not been able to get any tokens upon registering and using this browser within a month.
i have been verified in brave and also with uphold
i have registered to publisher and added my channel to it but still didnt receive any token
what possible problem am i facing?
do i have an easy solution for this or should i just uninstall the app and use my old browser instead?

any advice of solution still be accpeted if there are still any.

thank u and i hope we can fix this as soon as possible cause i dont wanna let this opportunities go by

Gie - Philippines


I am facing this issue also… sadly no token got yet

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lets just wait for reply of there is a solution to this problem

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Did you open a second Post with the same question? BAT REWARD and Earnings

Did you receive any ad notifications from the browser? If not, make sure Brave Rewards and Ads are enabled. Also make sure your OS allows notifications to come through.

If you did receive ads, click on the triangle in the navigation bar, then on “Rewards Settings”. On the left, is there anything shown next to “Estimated pending rewards” or “Ad notifications received this month”? You don’t get your reward immediately into your wallet. At the 5th of each month you’ll be asked to move the BAT from “Estimated pending rewards” to your wallet.

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can u pls guide where i didnt do right there on my screenshot

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Your settings are correct.
Do you live in the US, Canada, UK, Germany or France? Those are the only countries that support Ads at the moment. (Many more will follow this year)

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i live in the philippines

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That “solves” the problem then. I’m sorry but you can’t receive ads at the moment, they are working on expanding the program to more countries.

An answer to that could have been found in the Brave Ads FAQs.

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should i expect my reward bonus is still delayed for after a month sir? do i need to fund first inorder to recieved my registration reward bonus?

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I don’t quite understand what you mean. As far as I know there is no registration bonus. Do you have a balance that is above zero in your browser wallet, browser “Estimated pending rewards” or in your publisher dashboard?

Do you mean that someone used your referral link to install Brave and you are waiting for the BAT to arrive?

Your only options to earn BAT right now are…

… to hope that you will receive a grant. I don’t know if they are given to users from countries where Brave Ads is not available yet. If they are, at some point a the Rewards symbol might show a notification, telling you that you can get some free BAT to try the tipping functionality.

… to use the referral link from your publisher account to get users to download, install and then use the Brave browser for 30 days for you to get a reward.

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I’m having the same problem here in the U.S. Ads are enabled and been receiving “some” notifications but have not seen tokens since download which has been about a month

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Did you check chrome://rewards/ads to see if you have any “Estimated pending rewards”?

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my referral says i will recieve 4 bat tokens after signing up and after verification which i saw mostly that is posted regarding brave browser

If I understand you correctly, you clicked on a referral link to download the Brave browser, and the person referring you said that you would receive 4 BAT for signing up?
Unfortunately that is not the case. There is no “sign-up” bonus.

Do you know that person personally? If you found the link on a website, could you share that website with the forum?

then how do we get to earn when after more than 1 month of using this browser still we dont get any. some of the users here are posting their earnings increased while we are waiting for how long can we earn. theres no notifications whatso ever on the browsers part if theres a problem within our region, theres no ads popping put like what you said there we can earn, our fellow countrymen have already earn theirs. how come there are still going problems on our part, we have manage to do all the requirements but still!

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