Running websites as apps and creating collections like in Edge

I love the Brave browser and I use it as my default browser both on desktop and mobile.

It would be great if you could add the option to run websites as apps and create collections like you can in Microsoft Edge

Can you explain on what you mean by “Running Websites as Apps”?

I don’t get it…

It’s a new ultra comfortable way of using the internet developed by Microsoft.

It allows you to turn web paged you use often as applications.

Like this:



That feature is already there in Brave.

Click this icon on top-right to create an app:

I don’t have that

Its not there for

Try other websites like Youtube

Is it atleast working on ?

Try that one before other websites. It will show if it works for you or not…

It works on YouTube.

What about the other websites ?

I tried it too, it shows up for but not nor any of the few other sites I tried.
I also noticed that the “create qr code for this page” shows up for some addresses but not others.

Does it work for you on other websites like etc?


No those too don’t appear for me.

Its only present for limited websites I guess…
Hopefully they implement it for more sites.

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