Running in backgrouns

we are linux users (ubuntu 20.x) who want to install, but have read user reports that even when turning “runs in the background” off, that the browser is still running in the background.

understanding that new things will not be perfect, that, nevertheless is an issue which we could not live with, and this note is to ask if/when you will have fixed that (assuming this is still an issue)?


Hello @OM1

i am linux usesr also but i use centos and never face that issue

not cause someone has that issue mean that everyone affected by it

and could you share some post that you read that complain about that issue while using latest version

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

i found a reference to it on the software update utility (the reviews section for the downloading of the brave browser) in ubuntu…and then saw something on a separate search of my own, on the topic.

the ubuntu software update utility does, indeed, have a link to download the browser (we try to avoid installing anything that is not coming directly from ubutntu), and there is a comment there dated april 4, 2021. respectfully, i don’t like to repost others’ comments directly, even if publicly issued, but if you go there and keyword “brave” you will see it.

i might add, fwiw, that I infer nothing nefarious (just my sense) even if this is correct, but it did get my attention, especially as I have to admit I am leery of anything based on google code (I know I am not alone in this regard :slight_smile: ).

i want to believe in something beyond the usual browser suspects, especially as “politics” are infecting everything, and it seems clear to me that browsers are a “next frontier” for censorship of one kind or another.

anyway, sorry for the rambling.

do not be sorry and you have to ask whatever you like

but i would install brave from the official site

then run the 4 command line so it will add brave repository to your software and install it

you should then reconsider using another distrub as it in get caught send user search to amazon server

and for brave they remove all google service from it

do not take my words for grant as i am a user same as you
and you can do your research

if you mean that ubuntu sends data to amazon, I did not know that, and will certainly pay attention and “do my own research”.

unfortunately, nobody can be trusted in this world, and even more sophisticated users (I consider myself one of those even though I am not a coder) cannot spend every waking hour trying to make sure that someone is not hurting us. it is a sad world in that regard.

as to my question about “running in the background”, i read what you said about centos, accept it, but as long as I am still running ubuntu…even deciding to change is a process around here and not an instant act… I still would like a firm answer on “yes it does”, “no it doesn’t” or "yes it does but we are addressing it and expect to have fixed it by “x” date.

that is why I posted here, hoping for an “official answer” rather than taking the word of anonymous others who may have some kind of private agenda.

if, however, what you are really saying is that this is an ubuntu matter and not a “brave” issues, then I hope you (or “brave” if you are not speaking officially) will kindly make that explicit, so I can adjust my thinking.

many thanks.

ps of course, i did an immediate search and came upon this eff link:

i made numerous attempts in “terminal” to delete dash code that is said to have effected this, and found none of it on this rev. i also don’t use “dash” in any event, but that said, it is disconcerting to see anything like this.

that said, I note that even brave had an issue regarding crypto currencies but accepted the explanation that it had stopped, and understand, even as I am not in the business, that sufficient revenue to undertake this kind of product and market, is a crucial issue, and more than one good product has died a computer death, due to inadequate financing.

that said, rightly or not, “trust” takes a lifetime to build and one minute to destroy, so one hopes that people are upfront about whatever they do, no matter how benign they think their actions may be.

that, by itself, does not deter me from being interested in “brave”.



and finally, with apologies to all for stutter stepping my way into this, but it is a result of my ignorance and responding as i learn, here is a link which says that in 2017, unbuntu stopped using this code…and that would explain why I kept getting terminal messages that there was no code to delete.

fwiw…as again, “sophisticated” (as I described myself) is as “sophisticated” does :slight_smile:

Are you referring to threads like this that you’ve seen?

yes. indeed. thank you, although the first one i saw…a review and not a full thread…was much simpler. it said that no matter what they did, the browser continued to run in the background, and that was it.

again, thanks.

and they were referring, it seems, to brave, itself, and not any apps that may have been running thru it

AFAIK, when the application is quit, so are any/all related processes.

ok. thank you.

can you please tell me what the names of the processes that the browser opens, and I guess what I need to do is to install it and have a look?

again, thanks.

I’m not sure I understand the question.
If you install the browser and open it, you can use the system’s task manager, or the browser’s built-in task manager (Menu --> More tools --> Task manager) to view what processes are running at any given time.

what i mean that i am using centos and never get issue with close any running background brave

recently i used ubuntu 20.04 LTS but using the live cd and i was able to close brave as expected

just make sure to go to brave://settings/system and turn of this one Continue running background apps when Brave is closed

and again i am just a user same as you

and for privacy and security as you know it process so you need to check what you currently have as you said many company sometime do shady thing so you have to be ready and flexible to change what you have

i am talking here in general not about ubuntu or anything specific

and have a nice day

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sorry…what I mean is that the list of processes running at any given time is very long and that if I knew exactly what the names of the processes that brave opens…if it is simply “brave.x”, that is easy, but if it opens a longer list of processes while running…and I know the names of all of them…I can easily see if closing “brave” leaves any processes open and running…and that if not, it makes moot any concerns along those lines.


when opening up my system monitor, some processes carry the name of the program, such as, say, “thunderbird”, while others are obscure from a naming perspective and I am trying to avoid making a time consuming study of all that by knowing what brave may open up, regardless of the name.

again, thanks

brave process is called start with brave check this
the app called brave-browser-stable

the other brave related to how many site you open and also if you install any extension

once you close all the window you should not see anything does not start with brave unless if you have other app that has the same name which i never saw

very helpful. thank you so much.

i will install it and if I have any problems, report back.

thank you for your courtesy