Rting.com - Strict fingerprinting blocking breaks 3D mouse view

If we have strict fingerprinting blocking then the 3D mouse view breaks in rting.com. It works fine with Standard fingerprinting blocking.

You can reproduce it by opening this link- https://www.rtings.com/mouse/tools/3d-model-shape-compare/razer-viper-v2-pro

I am aware that strict fingerprint blocking can break some sites or some of their feature(s) but just wanted to report about it.

Strict fingerprinting will break every WebGL implementation and nothing to do about it, so you will never run Strict with any website that needs it.

you can go to any WebGL website and they will never work.

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Ah, so these are the kind of sites which they mentioned as “may break”. Makes sense. Thanks for the response!

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