RSS reading similar to Liveclick (Firefox extension)

Firefox had a fantastic RSS extension called Liveclick (last version 1.5.0 AFAIK). Like most of the great ones it was destroyed by Mozilla’s determination to make FF into a Chrome clone. Liveclick displayed RSS feeds as live bookmarks, with each one showing feed items in drop-down lists with previews. This allowed you to see all new items right on your bookmarks toolbar and quickly determine whether you wanted to actually read the full post. An extension or built-in functionality similar to Liveclick would literally be all I needed to be all-in with Brave. Another extension, Feedbro, mimics some of Liveclick’s functionality but isn’t as easy to use and lacks some fundamental elements (and the devs seem unwilling to acknowledge either issue). The ultimate solution would be a combo of Liveclick with a full-on RSS reader allowing for either separate or combined feeds but I’d be ecstatic just to regain the power and convenience of Liveclick itself. Thanks for considering my request.

(I believe in Brave and I think its brilliant, particularly the automatic payments to content providers. I tried to sell this idea to Yahoo ages ago and - surprise, surprise - they thought it made even less sense than paying for Internet radio. They literally said that.)

Hi @psycros,
Thanks for reaching out.

First, if they have Chrome extension, then you can use it with Brave. You can try the Beta version of the upcoming brave-core[1] that already support extensions from Chrome Web Store.

Here’s the link for Beta version

[1] brave-core is the upcoming Brave 1.0 that will replace the current Brave.