RSS Feed for Blog not working


The alternate RSS feeds which are linked through the blog page are not working.

How to reproduce:
- i. The main page has a reference which indicates that and are RSS sources for the blog
- ii. Accessing the indicated links returns HTTP/404

It would cool if you would still keep the RSS feed alive (and maybe link it more visibly). Despite all attempts to get this out of the web I (and probably many others) still think that this technology is the fastest way to quickly get informed of updates in a self-managed way that has so far no competitor or follow-up technology which could come close.


I confirm that RSS is broken. And there is on other way to subscribe to the news except maybe reddit which may be not your cup of tea.


It’s been more than a month and no reply from Brave or mention that this has been noticed. I’m not sure if this has been noticed at all. I just confirmed that the broken feed-links are still present on the Brave website and blog.

Sorry @Mattches to tag you directly but you seem to be the right person to turn to :slight_smile:
If not, can you probably let me know who would be a better match?


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