Router settings for Brave?


This is my first post here so I wasn’t really sure where to place my query, please let me know if this needs to go elsewhere.

Essentially I’ve noticed that Brave ads will not work for me unless I reboot my router, then ads will work for a short period of time before going missing again.

Therefore, are there any specific router settings needed to ensure that the Brave Browser works continuously without the need to reboot my router?

If anyone else has run into the same issue I’d love to hear from you.


Welcome to the community and thanks for reporting the issue.

The number of ads shown is limited. By default you can get 2 ads per hour.
On top of that if you have seen an ad, you won’t see it again for a longer period of time.
On top of that when you are playing media(even in inactive tab), then the ad will not show. This is a bug which was fixed in

Only reason I think your router would be involved if you had dynamically assigned IP. If that IP was not from recognized region, then the ads would not show. But that is unlikely.

Hope that helped.

Thanks for your reply, I do use DHCP.

To clarify this issue a little further, please see the post I made to the BAT subreddit, it’s got a little more info that might shed some more clues.

After I posted that message to reddit, I rebooted the router and I got 7 ads throughout the day, but not a single ad since going into day 2.

When I check, the below is the output:


Am I missing something here because the catalogue appears to be empty, yet I’m in the UK?

Any help you can provide will really help, this is driving me nuts and thanks for your help so far.


Problem Solved!

I’m going to leave this here as I don’t believe I’ve seen any information regarding this type of error and I think it will be helpful to others, in fact, I think this needs to be highlighted in Brave documentation somewhere.

Turns out that if you meet all the criteria to receive ads but none are coming through, then it could be an extension that is causing the issue.

For me, ads were not coming through because of a Picture-in-Picture extension. Once I removed the offending extension, I re-checked the catalogue link again and it was fully populated!!

Hope this helps anyone else experiencing issues.

@bullett023 Thanks for the investigation. Really appreciate it.

I tested Picture in Picture extension and I got an ad on 0.68.x. Checked catalog and it wasn’t empty. I doubt it is the extension that is causing the issue.

You mentioned that you are from UK, I tested on US. Could be region related issue. I will investigate it more later today.

Thanks again!

Cool thanks.

I have noticed the UK catalogue has fluctuated in terms of content, yesterday 5pm (BST) it was empty. This morning, (9am) it contained a fair amount of data, and now 2pm it’s looking pretty sparse again.

I guess the campaigns are getting updated fairly frequently or that the catalogue just gets updated/refreshed on your side and that the process may take a little while, I’m not sure.

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