Room for improvement


Im using brave for a while and i notice the TOP of the browser the most top is kinda small for u to drag around.

For the auto fill
it would be awesome if i am able to type a few characters and press on “tab” it will fill out. instead of leaving where is was
email : exa (tab pressed) > [instead of ] exa (assumed tab was press)

Downloaded bar the pop up section
Allow the users to just click on the files and it will execute the file

Maybe the tab if im on my current tab it would be in striking colors or i can customize it cuz i realized if im on wordpress admin its black cuz of the header of the page was black so if i am able to customize the color it would be great !

Playstore android version
i downloaded in on my android XiaoMi Mi Max i tried to sync it it didnt gave me a option to scan the QR so maybe i need to download the BETA’s APK how about allowing users to be BETA tester on playstore :open_mouth:

Site Shield setting - Allow global choice instead of individual sites
like i click shield finger printing … it will be for every site i visit

Of course the very awesome feature must have !
Brave’sApp ! = Whatsapp brave like in the browser whatsapp
even better Telegram on web etc as many Messaging app which has no social platform to be used on brave with ease.

Allow people to create themes ? and maybe using BAT to donate for the themes ?
Wouldn’t it be awesome ?! earn money while posting themes !

Auto translation of pages
when i visit eg. it would just translate the whole page and pop up if i wan to keep the changes or be default

Allowing users to create an account to backup browser and wallet ? With key phase seed etc like a coin wallet ?

Just what i think could be improved / add on
maybe it was being sounded im sry if i made post / key points that was posted before ~

Another one came up my mind !
at brave community we have this small tab here which can be drag up n down right :smiley:
How about allowing social media / instant messaging stuffs to be here

  • A multi tasking thingy like a tab but like whatsapp ?
    Some one msg u can see the tab [Whatsapp - From [ContactName] [Preview]
    then u drag up and reply or just click on it > a pop up comes up and u can just view the whole msg n reply there :smiley:


I agree on the bit about translating whole pages.

I can’t remember what the security discrepancy was regarding Google’s translation was but I remember thinking how bad it was in terms of user privacy. Strange thing I can’t figure out why the fuck do they implement supposedly high level certs when they really don’t give two shit about protecting individuals.

Laborious statement made, is the team considering just forking a translation extension because it would be excellent if you could partner with someone that not only fixes this discrepancy but also manages translation just as if not more efficiently.


Sure agree that the top is too tiny when you want to drag the Brave browser. It is basically just the very top area above the address bar that let you drag the window. They could extend the draggable area down on the sides (all the grey clean areas).

Other than that i want another small icon next to the “reload page” and “homepage” icons that is a “open bookmark” icon. Am open bookmarks icon that open a narrow overlaid window from top to bottom (depending on how many bookmarks you have - i have tons) and you just click the bookmark and this window closes automatically and takes you there. Just like Firefox/IE/Chrome etc works. Open bookmarks icon glaringly is missing from the top. Hopefully they are working on that. We have the “save bookmark” up there but not “open bookmarks”. I dont like going through menues to open a bookmark, and i dont like showing bookmarks at the top because its too cluttered (doesnt look clean) and i have so many that i would have to scroll around like mad.