Romanian AdBlock-list(s)



Hello fellow brave men and woman.

I just installed Brave again, today. I have used Opera the last 2 years, and wanted to go for a more privacy-focused browser. No matter the soil.
I checked in the adblocker, but when going to following URL: - ads are still shown here:

In the end… there is no Romanian adblock-list, part of Brave in any way.

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Thanks for the report! Interestingly, this is a .dk website, which should be Denmark, correct? There is a Denmark blocklist inside Brave, though you’re right, I don’t see one for Romania. You can enable various regional blocklists at: about:adblock (type into your URL).

That said, it’s also worth noting that Brave does not block 1st party ads by default; it only blocks third-party ads. (The ability to hide first-party elements, such as any image, plus machine learning-based ad detection will be coming with Brave v1.0 or later—all of which is still under development.) So, it could be the case that these ads you’re seeing from TransferGo on this site are first-party (i.e., they are actual TransferGo images placed on the website by the website itself, and not loaded programmatically via third-party networks).

In fact, I think this is the case because I’m very far from Romania, yet on my screen, I am also seeing the same Romanian TransferGo ads as you are. I also see them when I am on Chrome with uBlock Origin.

When I look into the source code, the ads appear to be loaded as simple images, and so don’t qualify as normal ads.


I didn’t think about that. Thanks for pointing that out! (Though the owners probably aren’t, since this is the company, who have taken stolen items like PC’s, cremes, laptops, smartphones and more to Bucharest, just with a new website.) :smiley:

For me there isn’t more than 1 type of ads. On point => ads are ads. Idc if they are normal, mentally handicapped or something else. Ads have no home on my screen, at no point. Ads is what I see on the street. Dot.
But can you explain, why you say so?

I managed to get AdGuard to add these “1st party” ads to their service. They are blocked there, now.

Thank you for the update!