Rollover amount? Please read & comment

Update for 08/02/2022 5:55pm EDT

Just brought things up on the Community Call. They are acknowledging the issue and saying will be working on it. As usual, they will need more logs and details. I’ve emphasized how this has been ongoing, with some Users experiencing issues for 6+ months.

What they need you to do do:

To submit your logs to us, please follow these instructions :

  1. Enable Enable Brave Rewards Verbose logging inside of brave://flags. (Relaunch if prompted)
  2. (If Verbose Logging was already on, please restart your browser)
  3. Go to brave://rewards-internals and click on Logs
  4. Now use the browser, ideally for ~30 minutes, as you normally would.
  5. Return to the logs page and hit the Refresh Button
  6. Download your logs.
  7. Fill out the form on this page and submit the logs → (note that we’re only interested in your Rewards logs — you do not need to provide the Rewards DB information).
  8. Submit a support ticket include the case number in Description along with a description of rollover issues.

From there, information should be forwarded to teams to work on it. I know for some of you, this isn’t your “first rodeo” and it’s going to be frustrating. But try to work through it once more and hopefully they can put a bigger emphasis on it, at least keeping in touch with everyone who submits tickets.

So call has been done and info provided to you above. However, anyone still having issues and willing to respond with info, go ahead and post the info below .

Hey all! Huge favor to ask. I want to try to compile some info, hopefully quite a bit within the next 14 hours (so before like 4pm EDT). I want to know everyone who is seeing rollover BAT this month. Also share and encourage anyone you know experiencing the issue to comment here.

Please limit posts/comments on this to the following:

  • Screenshot of your rollover

  • How many months you’ve been experiencing the issue

  • Which OS you’re using

  • Which version of Brave you’re using

  • Have you submitted tickets for this issue in the past?

I’m really hoping we can get a LOT of responses here with that information, to which I’m going to bring up to Luke, Jimmy, and others from Brave. Do a favor and don’t use this Topic to argue with each other or stray to other topics. Just share the above info. If you want to talk on other stuff, please go to another Topic. The more simple and streamlined this can be, the more helpful it should be in getting answers.

Thanks for your time. And please be sure to share this around with anyone you see on Reddit or other places where there are complaints.


→ No, I haven’t

Rollover amount?
→ 16.157 BAT

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Wait a moment. It shows your 16.157 BAT will arrive. And your Estimated Earnings are 0.223. So it looks like yours isn’t going to rollover. It will pay once payouts complete this month. However, yours does have an issue that I was discussing with @steeven where it’s not showing your Rewards balance, instead saying you must Log In to Uphold. So I did tag him to draw attention, as that should hopefully be addressed and resolved by Brave.

Thank you @Saoiray for your reply, I am sorry I misunderstood the term. I (From region India) can see that region isn’t supported in uphold, so where will those 16 BATS go? In Uphold or will it stay in the browser?

The first pic is before 12AM and the other is after 12AM



This is 6 months of rollover and it all just rolled over until next month I’m getting 0 bat this month

Windows 11


I submitted a ticket earlier today


It’s my 5-month rollover for 3 devices
I am on android 11
Submitted tickets every month

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Android 8
Brave 1.41.100
Roll over since January. The issue repeated in July.
Yes, I have submitted tickets.

I suspect it is because the device is a bit slow. Although I keep it on as frequently as possible, it is not enough to process all rewards.
40 BAT accumulated since January, only 5 BAT got processed in July.

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I have had rollover of most BAT for the last 4months. Usually have a token amount given as reward for the previous month.


Edit: Not reported as I thought it would be fixed. Do we need to report it? And how?
EDIT: reported 2x. 2nd time at staff request. Stil no action
FInal EDIT: Thank you team all received. All ok.

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  • Screenshot of your rollover

  • How many months you’ve been experiencing the issue

4 months

  • Which OS you’re using
    Windows 10

  • Which version of Brave you’re using

Version 1.41.100 Chromium: 103.0.5060.134 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • Have you submitted tickets for this issue in the past?

Yes I did and they said we’are going to pay you for next month but it’s the same for 4 months. This is the one PC I’m using on my android phone and laptop also the same. For 4 months it’s going rollover.

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  • Screenshot of your rollover

  • How many months you’ve been experiencing the issue

  • Which OS you’re using
    Android 12

  • Which version of Brave you’re using

  • Have you submitted tickets for this issue in the past?

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@Saoiray, great initiative.

If you allow me to speak a little about this matter…

I’ve been analyzing this issue for quite some time now; and I thank Mr. @Aman_M a lot for the great help.

In my point of view there’s a clear technical explanation as to why we’re still facing this roll-over problem continuously.

First, it’s good to understand every Ad we see needs to get validated (redeemed) after by sending a confirmation request to the server.

Most of the times this confirmation won’t succeed in the first server contact so it will be placed in a queue called failed_confirmations for later attempts.

Notice that latest Ad’s failed confirmations will be placed at the end of this queue. They will wait for the older ones to be processed first.

Among the reasons that cause this server contact failure there’s the Response public key [] does not exist in payments issuer public keys Error, which, in my point of view, is the only cause of the roll-over problem.

This error can happen with older Ads (1 week+) that are still hanging around in the queue. They get rejected by sending an expired/missing token the server cannot recognize anymore.

Unlike other server erros like payment tokens are not ready or confirmation not found, this Response public key will never succeed, meaning it will go on a endless loop getting in and out of the confirmations queue.

So we have the first reason for the roll-over amount: Ads that cannot get redeemed by this error piling up in your “estimated earnings” forever.

The second reason is whenever the browser consecutively faces this Response public key error it tends to back-off the confirmation/redeem process “exponentially”, causing loong wait durations, even for hours.

[Jul 25, 2022, 3:54:37.0] Retry sending failed confirmations in 3 hours, 56 minutes, 57 seconds at 19:51:34.037

Therefore, this long back-off will intensily delay “healthy” recent ads validation, preventing them to be paid and giving them a good chance to face this “response public key” error in the future too.

A complete vicious cycle.

I was really putting hope this month it will get solved but, so far, we haven’t see any direct measures to fix this particular error.

PS.: I have pinged Terry several times about this issue but no straight response was given.

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@g00z I replied and wanted to check if you are still seeing public key mismatches in your most recent logs. If so, can you please submit your logs so I can continue the investigating with the server team. Thank you

Sure, and I replied back, five days ago.

-Yes, I’m still facing public key mismatches and got rollover amount this month.
-Ok, I will submit recent logs, again.

With all due respect Sir, but it seems you guys are throwing this problem into a black box, hoping to postpone its solution month after month.

I don’t deeply understand brave system, but at this point any solution would be welcome.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind having all of these rollover amount being assigned to zero value and finally redeeemed if needed, just to get rid of this sticky problem. At least it would give us the ability to redeem recent Ads in time.

How much was your rollover this month? As rollovers will still happen, they should just not be as high as they have been in the past. Thanks

With regards to public key mismatch this was a known issue and once I have the logs I can reach out to investigate further. Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated.

C’mon, haven’t you guys received dozens of logs already?

This is not a individual problem anymore.

I did everything I could to improve the reconciliation of my devices and still got 10BAT+ rolledover in some of them.

95% of this value below is made of “response public key error” ads, hundreds and hundreds of them.

  • Screenshot of your rollover

  • How many months you’ve been experiencing the issue
    Since March 2022

  • Which OS you’re using
    Windows 10

  • Which version of Brave you’re using
    Currently v1.41.100

  • Have you submitted tickets for this issue in the past?

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Cause of issues are not the same for all users. We also need to see the most recent logs to make sure we can investigate based on recent activity. Thanks

OP is good indeed. I tried a poll similarly but wasn’t this much thorough. And I think OP and that Poll should go together, so posting it here as well- [Poll] Roll-over Balances

Also, g00z nailed it. I think 2 things, if can be done would help going forward-

a). Like g00z said, reducing exponential backoff of missing public key error
b). The V2 endpoints async, as mentioned here-, if can be synced then payment token not ready error on 1st attempt can be avoided altogether. And it used to be so before v1.35.xx, I think. I don’t how it will affect server load but would be good step.

The bigger issue, how to deal with ads that don’t get processed in a week, say when browser is not used for a week or some server-side issue etc. would still remain and hence the public key mismatch. I can’t think of any suggestion for that. Lol. May be Brave would need to step-in, once in a while when it escalates. :grin: