Roboform features no longer working after Brave suspension messages in task-manager

The problem started with this

Every time I opened Brave, the browser would immediately shut down. I had no idea what was happening until I checked the task manager and saw the suspension prompts.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Brave several times thinking it must be a bug of sorts but still the same problem.

I eventually managed to get an install to work, but when reinstalling my Roboform extension features the store showed this message not reviewed

I installed it anyway, but now Roboform no longer works as it used to. Some of its main features no longer exist such as the Autofill UI, which is a major part of its functionality.

I have had a Roboform tech support guy go through every possible scenario via remote desktop access for nearly two hours and he was baffled as to what was happening.
I have Brave and Roboform installed on two other PC’s and both work perfectly together.

The differentiator was the suspended messages and me uninstalling and reinstalling Brave and the Roboform extension. That’s when the issues started.
Furthermore, when trying to access the rf-chrome.crx extension in the Chrome directory, I get this prompt message

We have exhausted all probabilities, so it looks like the issue is with Brave

Please advise on:

  1. What does suspended mean?

  2. How to lift the suspension so I can use Roboform as I used to.

  3. Anything else which may help to solve this issue.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Can anyone help me with this?

I’ve beenusing Firefox instead of Brave and looks like that’s theonly solution unless I can get some help.

I’ve unistalled Brave Brave multiple times, but nothing chnages when I reinstall… The main features of Roboform do not work which suggest to me that:

  1. Brave have has placed something on my PC that blocks it from working and in spite uninstalling, is impossible to remove from my PC (which from a security point od view wouldbe extremely worrying)


  1. Brave is blocking something server side.

Again, this all started when with this

Why was that there, what does it mean?

I therein lies the answer.

I’d really appreciate some feedback as I love using Brave and have recommendd it to many people.

Thank you in advance.

After a month of trying to sol,ve this issue and testing on 5 other PC’s, I can only conclude that Brave have added someting to my PC laptop that is preventing it working like all the other installations.

I ahve unistalled it numerous time, cleaned my PC and installed again but the same issue remains, it keeps blocking Roboform’s AutoFill UI from working.

This all started when I saw this in my task manager

What does that mean? What does it represent?

Surely somebody from the Brave team can answer that?

Thank you.

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