Roboform extension not working (search fails)

RoboForm extension is not working as expected:

Within the RoboForm extension you can search for a specific login by typing the name of the login and usually after a few characters it shows the list of matching logins. A few days ago the RoboForm search function stopped working - it returns a “no results found” while the logins are definitely there. I reached out to RoboForm support and they had me uninstall/reinstall the extension and it did work for briefly for one search then went back to “no results found”.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. search for logins in roboform extension
  2. returns “no results found”
  3. uninstalling/reinstalling extension only helped one time then back to “no results found”

Expected result:
The matching logins should appear.

Brave Version( v1.58.135):

Additional Information:

I have reopened the support ticket with roboform and they have confirmed/duplicated the issue and i will work directly with them for resolution.

this brave browser support ticket may be closed.

thx. :slight_smile:

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