Risky result eset searching on bravesearch

Yeah i registered just to say im just as disappointed as when The breach in Cost me and many others Times and Whatnott.

I did a searching on search-brave and it was for well knownn eset mobile antivirus security … and show resultat to WELL KNOWN moneygrab malware spreading asshat sites

First this, offers “eset” for android download…it is bigger than THE official on Google play but EASY to get fooled by…

And Then tomsguide…and all THE others Sites that so nothing Good than damage for all WHO would like Piece of mind online.

So brave and talk about stafety is horseshit, and that when i looked to tell this on bravehomepage to be mer by stonewall/nocontactinfo. And Then se THE tan for security issues…and Then landning on fucking hackerOne. So they know you work WITH Them sort of say ?

Well they so now, i registret at hackerOne and told about this just before coming here