Risk of wasting your tips : Banned or closed publishers account still opened to people's donations


I already mailed this to support, but after weeks it seems nothing has changed.

Visitors of banned sites still see the blue check icon identifying said sites as regular authors, and nothing prevents from making donations to them.

I’m among those banned publishers, I won’t complain about this. But I definitely don’t want to see my few visitors lose their kind donations.

I don’t know if these tips are completely lost or fall in someone’s wallet at BAT company, but if for sure they don’t go where visitors wanted them to go. As a publishers with small audiences, it’s a pain to have to explain to your rare but kind donators they’ve be scammed, while you’d just like to deeply thank them.

With the large ban and suspensions campaigns that occurred, I guess their are numerous other sites than mine that are still able to “capture” tips this way.

So for people here who are kind enough to give away their BAT :better look twice before donating, because there’s absolutely nothing that distinguish a regular publisher than a banned one.

I put my own’s here as an example : https://berien.com.
I hope I don’t break any of this community rules by doing this.

So, I just ask - once more and for all - to be completely freed from this project, meaning that no Brave or BAT mentions would be anymore attached to any of my own personal or professional resources anymore.

I’d also ask for a refund of wasted donations to their respective owners all over the world, but… Hey ! I won’t be naive about these ‘lost’ donations’s fate.

Have a nice day

Problem is still present since March.
Still no fix about the fact closed or banned accounts are still opened to donations.
Still no answer about where end these misled tips and if donators may get them back (I don’t talk about self donations that could have been made by authors themselves of course)

Hello !
Browser cache cleaned, Wordpress plugin and server-side file removed, but both site and youtube channel seem to be linked to BAT as if they were genuine and regular publishers, which isn’t the case.

They’re still able to receive tips from visitors:

No solution found for fixing these fake BAT-approved publishers cases ?

Hello :slight_smile:

Situation is now solved, both wordpress site and youtube channel have been cleaned from their misleading tag :slight_smile:

Farewell ! o/

Hello, again.

I’ve been told by a friend that both my site and Youtube channel were again affiliated to BAT and opened to donations… I had to reinstall Brave to check, and it’s confirmed…

I remind that all data related to my account was supposed to have been cleared by Asad himself according to a mail he send me when dealing with the support.

Obviously, something went wrong :

*My account at still exists as I’ve just tested, my mail address is still recognized when login at publishers.basicatteentiontoken.org, so Asad’s action didn’t have any effect… I still want to think there really was an action that was done.

May I have an explanation about this, please ? (and an efficient solution, too.)

See you next week ?


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