Right click problem when tab exported to new window

  • Start Brave

  • Open several tabs

  • Handle left click on an opened tab and move the tab outside of the brave window. It will open a new Brave window with your tab opened.

  • Now, right click on the webpage… You will get the right menu (normal) and then click on something on the menu like “refresh page” or “search” --> You will get again the right click menu, as if you you do another right click on the webpage. Then the next action will close this right click menu and will do the second action you did, or will do the first action you did if you did no action to the second menu (like left click eerywhere on the page to close the right menu click)

  • and if you attach back this tab to the first brave window (with your others tabs), and do a right click on the webpage, you will get 3 right click menus ! Detach again the same tabs and do a right click on the webpage --> you will get 4 right click menus ! attach back to the first window and do another right click on the webpage --> you will get 5 right click menus !


Hi @Matkill

I was unable to reproduce this, is it still happening for you? If so, what OS and version of Brave are you using?




yeah just tested now and still same problem. Open a tab on google.com
for example, open a new tab on youtube.com and drag the “google.com” tab
outside the window.

Google.com tab is now a full separate window. Right click on the page,
the menu appears, left click elsewhere and the menu appears again when
it should have disappeared.

Complicated to explain lol i have Windows 10 and brave 0.15.314



Hi @Matkill,

Could you update your Brave version to the latest release – 0.16.9 – and see if this issue still persist?
Since I’m can not reproduce it too.


Indeed with the new updates the problem has disapeared BUT i have
another problem (related) --> Now if you export a tab (to have the tab
to a new window) the right click menu does not work, no more right
click menu :frowning:

Right click does not work
Click and drag the website to a new window and no right click after
Click and drag the website to a new window and no right click after

Thanks for confirming that the previous issue is solved.

And about this one, I think I can reproduce it. I’ll look for the existing issue in GitHub or create a new one.

UPDATE: I open a new issue in GitHub. You can track the progress there.

Thanks for reporting.


Hi @Matkill,

I forget about this. Do you have pinned tab?


Hi @eljuno

Thanks for opening the new issue !

I tried with and without pinned tab, same problem.


Thank you for the confirmation. I updated the GH issue. :slight_smile:


I was able to recreate this in Brave 0.17.13. When right clicking in the torn-off tab, the context menu appears for a split second and then disappears. Well, really only the outline of the menu is visible for that short period of time.


Hi @isasftw,

Yes, it’s still an issue in latest release. I can reproduce it too. Also, I added your comment to the GH issue.
Thanks for reporting.


Yeah i can see it also quickly appears and then disappears instantly

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Hi, I’m running into this right-click issue as well. If I create a new window by dragging a tab then the tab that was dragged will no longer be right-clickable. The right-click window outline will flash, but before it finishes rendering it disappears.

If I open a second tab in the newly created window that tab won’t have an issue. If I close the dragged tab then all of the other tabs in the new window continue functioning normally.

If I open a new window using ctrl + n then everything works as expected. I’m on Brave 0.17.19.


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