Right-click on word(s) to get Transformations: Make Upper Case, Make Lower Case, Capitalize

First, I want to say that over many years I’ve used many Browsers, all of which have their differences, but the differences are only marginal.

Brave, however, is a FUNDAMENTALLY different experience! So, first of all, thank you.

But what I do miss from other browsers (Safari) is the ability to select a word and get the popup menu which includes “Transformations”: Make Upper Case, Make Lower Case, Capitalize.

Brave does include a popup menu for selected text, but “Transformations” is not among the choices.

I don’t know about other users, but I use this function constantly—in Browsers, text editors, email and in many other apps.

So, “officially” speaking, I’d like to register “Text Transformations” as a Feature Request for Brave.

But Scott Forstall is right: Brave is an amazing (and finally a) NEW Browsing experience.

(And Scott Forstall should be CEO of Apple right now, but that’s a different topic.)