Right click on brave dosen't work at times


Hello Brave Community

I wanted to report on this issue ive been having for quite a while since i updated brave to 18.23.

ive been using brave for about a couple of weeks now and brave recently updated to 18.23, since then ive been experiencing a couple of issues but the main one that is the most important is the right click. when i start up brave it functions normally for a little while then it will stop functioning. When i attempt to use the right click on a link or anywhere in brave the menu will not appear, sometimes the frame or shadow of the menu will appear but if wont function at all. i hope someone can help me with this issue so please feel free to respond. but for now i will see you soon.


Hi @alandouble22

Could you provide some additional information such as your OS version?

Additionally, I’m wondering if you’re seeing these right-click issues when having detached/torn off a tab? If so, we do have an issue logged for this, it can be found at the link below:



W10 x64 here…nice to see it’s not my mouse!


@heysoundude do you experience this problem when tearing off tabs? Or are there other times?



I generally have 3-4 tabs open at any given time. I first noticed this behaviour when I wanted to copy from one tab to paste into another.
Does that help? Should I try with only one tab?


Hi @heysoundude

If your problem is limited to copy/paste, this issue we have logged might cover it:



No, it’s the whole right click function.


Hello @LaurenWags I apologize for responding so late.

My os is windows 10 X64.

and yes detaching a tab seems to do it

but ive kept looking it up, i couldn’t find a fix yet.

Please respond when you have the chance.



Hi @alandouble22

Thanks for confirming the information requested. The issue I mentioned is where we have this logged (https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/9741). That’s the best place to track the issue. I’ve linked this post to the issue for development to review.



HI @heysoundude

Thanks for confirming. Do you have multiple windows open? Wondering if there’s some additional information I can gather to try and reproduce. Any other details you think might be pertinent would be great. Thanks!


No multiple windows. Just one brave window with a bunch of (at least 2, sometimes up to 5-6). Google drive and Avast are sitting in the background though, humming along, waiting to pounce, waiting for input I suppose…


I also am having this exact problem. I frequently detach a tab and move it to another display. For that reason and one other, I have moved back to Chrome for now.

Is there a way I can be notified when this bug is fixed? I like this browser, but the bug makes it a show stopper for me.


It just started doing this to me this evening. I’m using Manjaro Linux, 64 bit, latest updates. I thought it was my mouse or trackball or the operating system, but right clicking works on the desktop and in Opera, so it looks like it’s just Brave. I even restarted and tried multiple desktop environments (Xfce and MATE), but it’s doing it in both.

EDIT: I can right click on the tab and on the address bar to pull up that menu, but right clicking doesn’t work on web pages. I’ve been getting around that this evening with left click + CTRL, so I can work around it for now.


Right clicking reactivated in 0.20.14-4 in Manjaro. Thank you!