Right Click doens't work in inspect element?

When I right-click an element in inspect element nothing shows up. However, if I do the same in Google Chrome, a whole context menu shows up. Why can’t I do that in Brave? If I want to copy the Xpath of an element I am not able to do so in brave.

What Brave version and OS are you using? Can you share a screenshot of what you do see when right clicking? cc @Mattches

I’m on v1.42.95 and windows 11. Nothing happens if right click while on the brave. However, this is what it shows on chrome -

Do you get the same results if you try to do his in a Private browsing window?

Yes, I just tried. Nothing’s happening when right-clicking on an element in the private browsing window as well.


Try this:

  1. Zoom in and zoom out with ctrl + “-/+” or ctrl + scroll_wheel till you cross the 100% line, make sure you zoom in and zoom out all the way.

  2. Or use the small three dots …

Taken from: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71351360/chrome-dev-tools-elements-tab-stopped-working-cant-right-click-any-dom-node-an

hey, this worked. Somehow, right-click is working only if inspect element is zoomed in. Thank you so much!

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