Right click bookmark, press t, it deletes bookmark, what?

Everywhere in the browser on a website you right-click a url, or an image, and T is the hotkey to open in a new tab. For some reason though, when right-clicking a bookmark this instead DELETES the bookmark.

Can right-click a bookmark on the toolbar or in manager and press T on your keyboard - it will be deleted! The actual Delete hotkey in the menu is D by the way. For whatever reason when right-clicking bookmarks the “Open in new Tab” hotkey is changed to O.

Example: note the underlined “T” in tab at top of the menu. This is the expected result when right-clicking on a link in a webpage or bookmarks.

Here however: there are 2 errors. 1 - the new tab hotkey has changed to “O” this is confusing and inconsistent UI design. 2 - note the “D” in delete is underlined, this keyboard shortcut will correctly delete the bookmark if desired. Erroneously, the T key will also delete the bookmark.

Expected result? Pressing T should open a new tab from ALL of these appropriate right-click menus. Hotkeys need to be consistent.

Bug is 100% present and not even slightly hard to reproduce, it is just bad design that needs to change.

Tested on windows 10 with latest stable release of Brave.

Additional Information:

No additional information. Please fix this ASAP it’s essentially just trolling users.

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