Rewards without verified wallet

Hello! As you know, I still can’t verify the wallet for “maximum devices”, several weeks ago I made the unlock form, but I still can’t verify. What I wanted to know is what happens with the Bats accumulated until the payment date if you don’t have the verified wallet? are lost? Or can they be deposited when the wallet can finally be verified?

As far as I know, the accumulated BATs will be sent to your internal Brave wallet. However, up until now I haven’t received any single BAT in my internal wallet (I started using Brave since Sept 2021). So, good luck with that.

And please let me know if you receive those BATs after the payment period.

It will stay in your browser, and all you can do is tip it to verified brave creators.
When the wallet is verified, it will be deposited to the external custodians (uphold or gemini). You can still tip it to creators but with the addition of being able to withdraw it if you want.

For reference, here is one of my device with unverified wallet. I just tip it to creators around the web:

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