Rewards transfered to bravepublishers without permission or by mistake

4,75 BAT transfered from my uphold to bravepublisher without my permission. Even this happened because of some auto-contribute button, this ammount must be refund, especially to new users.
I ask for the refund

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Don’t waste your time asking for refund… you will not get any refund because its your mistake that you didn’t turn off auto contribute button

I cant agree. I am new user and that auto-contribute button is “on” by default. It was not my choice. So, to my eyes it is about a deception. If not, I d consider such transaction should be refunded, especially for new users.

many people are in queue before you and all those people didn’t got any refund…

I suppose you re right about that. But still, refund must be done because this is right

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It appears that Auto-contribute was never disabled, which is why you see the automatic payment made from your account.

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Probably. Auto contribute button is ON by default. That 's why. But, that doesnot mean I legally accepted this choice. So, what is Brave’s policies about these cases?


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