Rewards to ophold no sync


I us android 11 (oneplus 8T and brave 1.31.91.

Is your browser wallet currently verified? yes,
I am already connected to the PC.

What date did you verify your wallet? In 2019.

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?
At first yes, but after a few months nothing.

Are you using a VPN? no.

**Are you in a supported region for list of supported regions)? Yes, France.

**Does your device pass the [SafteyNet], passed.!

I had heard that there was a limit of connected devices, is it possible to reset this limit?

after verifying my identity by email, the account is still not associated.

thank you, :smiley:

can someone help me?
please :sweat_smile:

brave_rewards_log.txt (116.9 KB)

I reinstall the rom, and injected the data from my old device.

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