Rewards profile Flagged , account locked ?!?!

Why is my Brave rewards profile flagged, I have been using this browser daily for many years, just tried to reverify my uphold wallet on Brave and it says I am now blocked from my account due to Brave profile being flagged…WOWOWOW
This is very bad! No option for support or further explanation provided by Brave.
Not only did Brave rewards & adds quit working months ago, now I am locked out from about $400 worth of BAT tokens.
Unreal. major fail.

It’s your Brave profile to be locked, not your Uphold account.

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Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form? From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you

@ steeven Please advise. Handled in posts below.

@uidvh4_HG.d submitted a request and received an acknowledgement email but not a ticket#. They have been sending emails requesting a status update but have not received any responses. I told him to resubmit the request but now I am wondering if this was appropriate or not. Please advise.

Apologies, will keep posts on this thread. I was honestly hoping this problem would one day fix itself like the error message indicates.
Will provide an update when I hear from customer support or receive a ticket number. Thanks to everyone for assistance.

cc @Saoiray

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So yeah, like I said instead of hijacking that other topic, let’s bring it over to your topic. As I was responding over there with:

When you submit the ticket, so long as you actually did it under Brave Rewards (BAT/Ads) portion, you should get an email exactly like you see below. I circled where it gave me my ticket number. That’s what we would need.

Now, if you submitted the ticket under a different category, then it wouldn’t have a ticket number.

When you submit under like Brave Browser Issue, you instead get a response that looks like:

Not sure why they don’t give ticket numbers on everything, but it is what it is.

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Ok, thanks for catching that, wasn’t sure which catagory for the problem. I did receive the emails without ticket numbers each time though. Or maybe I should redo under the category to receive a ticket number?
I will hold tight for

@uidvh4_HG.d Well, if you want to try under the category, which should automatically populate if you click on the link I provided, which is then it should be at the Rewards part. Then you’ll need to put in your Wallet Payment ID and other info there. Once you complete that and submit, you should get an email like I showed with a ticket number. If that works, then you can reply here with the ticket number and if they have time, will look into it when they see this topic.

If, for any reason, you don’t get a ticket number in the email response, then send a DM to Steeven with your Wallet Payment ID and a link to this topic, to advise you’ve been trying to get help and had no response.

Regardless of which you do, the only other thing you’ll be able to do for a bit is to be patient until he sees and replies.

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Yes, that is perfect - they will need this information anyway and might save a few steps. Didn’t want to bother or spam CS but true they will need the info. Filling this out now. Thanks


I need to correct earlier about receving rewards - now looking closer that it says ‘Current earnings this month (estimated)’ - it is true - I have not received any reward payout since they stopped months ago.
With the latest Brave update it looked like BAT earnings were working again, the few things that came back to life were pop-up ads & the ‘estimated’ monthly rewards began tracking BAT earnings from each ad I clicked.
I see now that what you were correct in saying, this is not actually receiving BAT rewards while my profile is still flagged, sorry for this confusion.
Thanks again for helping

@uidvh4_HG.d can you DM me the email linked to your account?

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DM sent, please let me know if you need anything else
thank you.

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Thank you @uidvh4_HG.d.

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Support contacted me and said the issue was fixed, I was able to verify again.
Thanks everyone - very happy to have this working again!


@uidvh4_HG.d Glad to hear you got it resolved. If you could do a favor, try to mark something as a solution so that it’s known your issue was solved and how you resolved it.

@steeven mind locking the topic?

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@uidvh4_HG.d Very happy it is working again too! You could mark your last post as the solution as it says it all. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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