Rewards problem with 7.750 bats

Hi there…

I just tried to withdraw my 7,750 Bats but when asking for confirmation “I’m not a robot” which consists of putting the triangle in the circle in this case, an error message appears and says to me “oops something went wrong”

and so I could not recover my 7,750 bats.

Can you fix that please?


Give it some time. If you’re having difficulty with the new claim, the browser will automatically update and retry in a bit.

1 week to retry ? it’s not “in a bit”

2 times that i try to withdraw these 7,750 bats, so two week ?
definitly not “in a bit”

You can wait as long as you’d like.

Yeah thanks you for words, but these don’t really help

I just claimed my BAT as well, for a second it showed that i had received my bat and then the other second it was gone, now i dont have anything in my wallet

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yeah, it’s quiet the same problem :confused:

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