Rewards Per Ad, Advice

Hello everyone,
Is anyone having any luck getting more than $.01 cent an Ad (actually a little less)? If so, what are some tips?

@Samuel1989 You can view what ads are in your area and what they pay by visiting

What you’ll notice is ads can vary but overall tend to be about 0.005 BAT each. You have no way of picking which ads you can see. That said, you can influence the types of ads you see by going to brave://rewards/ and then viewing your 30-day Ads History settings. You’ll notice you can :heart: categories you like or :no_entry_sign: if you don’t want to see ads from that category.

I’m sure you know, but clicking ads doesn’t get you any extra BAT or anything and doesn’t influence the number of ads you get. They ask you only click on ads you like, as they do track click rate and provide that information to the advertisers, but again…you don’t get anything extra for it.

Biggest thing to do is make sure nothing on your device is blocking ads and that you have it running. The more it’s going and letting ads appear, the more ads and BAT you’ll get. Like I see your earnings for this month, here’s mine…

The amount of ads will be a lot on settings, but also based on your region and activity.

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Thank you for the information! :slight_smile:

I will definitely take a look at that regional catalog.

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