Rewards, payments, auto-contribute... Planning to fix the issue?

I’m having the same issue as many of your users.
Here are the BAT received these past months, based on mails from Uphold :

7th : 46.3 BAT / 24th : 4 BAT

6th : 37.9 BAT / 7th : 73.2 BAT / 12th : 23.05 BAT / 12th : 21 BAT

7th : 20.8 BAT / 7th : 20.4 BAT

2020-January :
6th : 1.9 BAT / 6th : 1.85 BAT

6th : 1.6 BAT / 6th : 1.55 BAT

6th : 3.5554 BAT / 6th : 2.2554 BAT

You can see a huge decrease, although I’m still browsing the same way (2 computers linked to the same Uphold account). Auto-contribute is off for months. Had a weird notification today about a contribution I’ve never made…

Browsed through many posts but haven’t read a real explanation and clear answer about what’s going on, and how you will fix it. I’m still seeing ads, but rewards are so low now that I have a feeling that it’s becoming pretty invasive for so poor retribution.

I was pretty happy with Brave browser for now, but I’m thinking of disabling rewards and switching back to FF.

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Hi @Foretriks - can you email into

The subject line of your email should be “Auto-Contribute Issues”. Please include 2 pieces of information in your email:

  1. On desktop , open up brave://rewards-internals on your affected browser and cut and paste the information into your email. Do not share this information with anyone else!
    Android: Open chrome://rewards-internals
    iOS: Settings > Brave Rewards > Wallet creation date (copy info)
  2. Let us know the estimated amount of BAT you believe you lost as a result of the Auto-Contribute bug.

Thank you so much for reporting and for your patience with us!

Hi @steeven. Thanks, I’m going to send my informations.

HI @steeven. Infos sent since 03/13/20… Do you have some news for me ?

Hi @Foretriks - reviewing now.

Can you DM me the email linked to your account? Thank you in advance.

Dear Sir, I am Farid Uddin Ahmed. Email: , From last 4 months I am not receiving any bat rewards for using browser or my referral browsers. I don’t know where and how I have to contact with browser office to solve my problem. Can you help me for solve it or can you guide me o solve.

hello @steeven
me was writing a mail 2 weeks ago but no response.
thanks for looking at it
DM sent

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