Rewards paid, verified, balance updated, now gone 5 min later

so i just matched the little brave symbol got paid my 11.5 bat. balance updated on brave, checjed gemini and nothing on there… then went back out and my rewards for march are gone now…

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I just verified my march payment. It said I was supposed to get 9 bat but I got 5 instead. Its really strange how this system doesnt seem to work right. I tried to accept the payment, i verified by dragging the shape. then it asks me to do it again even tho it was correct, then it asks to verify and doesnt load. I check the balance and instead of 9 its 5 bat. Everytime I Have asked for help here I never get helped or a resolution. I am more curious if any other user has experienced this?

mmmmm , send screen


“I am more curious if any other user has experienced this?”

Dont worry, balance will refresh and it will show in your Gemini acc. Same thing happened to me and 2-3 min after my Bat was there.


they are now in my wallet but the amonut is wrong lol

i got claim rewards and i clicked on it but failed human verification now its all gone
@Mattches @steeven

i have the same issue.

I dont know what happened can anyone help me resolve this issue?

@Mattches @steeven @SaltyBanana

@pgunther777 what is the current difference between expected and received?

expected is what ur exoected to get but some ads dont pay til after the cut off and add to the next month so recieved can vary a small bit from expected as far as i know thats the diff

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