Rewards Page Not Loading

hi @tmancey, I just checked my location services in windows and apparently it is locked by my administrator? I guess I am using a work account for email and that means they need it locked down. I did change my region settings for windows to Canada, but that doesn’t seem to help.

Same issue, blank rewards settings page.
Browser up to date.

I made an account just to post on this topic because I would like to see it resolved.
I have had the same blank rewards page issue for a few months now, with the same javascipt toString() errors as others have posted.

The problem arose after an extra dropdown menu on the “Ads Settings” dialog suddenly appeared which let me select a United States state for targeted ads. I am not in the United States.
I chose “autoselect state” (or similar, this is all from memory), and since then the page has been blank.

@tmancey @Mattches Problem still present on Windows 10, EN-US locale, Version 1.17.73 Chromium: 87.0.4280.67 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thank you for confirming this. Reaching out to some team members about this – appreciate everyone’s patience.

@poteito Can you confirm if you were connected via VPN? In the mean-time I am running some tests where users are connected to the USA and then swap to another region which is unsupported by regional targeting.

Would you be willing to screen-share to help diagnose the issue? If so, please reach out to me at


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@tmancey I have connected to the US using a VPN on this computer in the past to view region locked YouTube videos. I do not believe I was connected when I noticed and toggled the Ads Settings selection. I would prefer not to screen-share, but if you need some other information/diagnostics I can try to help out.

It’s highly unlikely that the VPN is what’s causing the hang-up on your Rewards page. You can test it by turning your VPN of and checking to see if the Rewards page loads.

Hi, Apologies for the delay due to other priorities on the engineering team, however, rest assured this has been added to my todo list to try to reproduce later today. I will update you once I know more. Thanks, Terry


Hi! I have tried connecting to the US via VPN, changing State level ad targeting to Auto-detected. Quit the browser. Disabled the VPN and all is working as expected. Unfortunately without screen-sharing this will not be easy to diagnose. unless you can reproduce and provide steps. Thanks, Terry

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