Rewards on PC + Mobile with 1 account?

Hello, I have a simple question. Can I receive the brave rewards with my PC and my Mobile with the same account please?

Yes, you can do that. Most certainly.

thank for your answers, i just link my uphold account on my pc and my mobile with same account ? cela ne pose pas de probleme ?

No, you won’t have any problems. I assure you.

ok nice
realy thanks :wink:

ok, it’s not good…

not problem you say ? ^^

@Elsi You are able to link multiple browsers to your Uphold account with no issues. What you’re showing here is a notice that your account was flagged. This means it’s picked up on what it deems as “suspicious activity.” This could mean you’re attempting to abuse Rewards, committing fraud, or a bunch of other details. The number one issue in the past is that people were using VPN to appear in countries they really aren’t, just so they could try to access extra ads. (VPN isn’t forbidden, but VPN to access other countries ads is. So if use VPN, should be in your own country/region)

The flag is on the particular browser you’re using. So your mobile account was flagged. If you did nothing wrong and it just was a false flag, then you’ll need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at so Brave can investigate and determine if they would like to reinstate that browser’s account. (By account, I mean Rewards account, not your Uphold one)

ok thanks for all information. i go make a ticket, i don’t use VPN on my mobile. anythink

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