Rewards notification red circle with number

Hey guys so for the last week or so on android mobile my triangle rewards icon lost the blue tick and now has a red circle with the number one in it,
When i click it the rewards dash still opens up as normal but dont see any notification errors or the messages.
What am i missing?

Hey, please click the, ‘Settings Gear icon’ next to Summary and send the detailed Rewards Page so that we can understand what’s going on more clearly. Cheers!

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Scroll to the bottom and check if any message there. If no messages or notification then I’ll just let you know if I find something. Cheers!

Thanks but i see no messages at all , i have the same set up as on pc with no issues

Try clearing cache I guess

If the problem still persists, check if you’re using the latest version of Brave. If you are then even I don’t know what’s causing this. Hopefully someone who can help will help you shortly. Cheers!

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I cleared the cache and restarted and its still there

I searched for this topic and found a similar problem
Here’s the link →

So i got my blue tick back
I had auto contribute on and it sent 0.25 bat from my uphold wallet on 21 August.
I only just received notification just now , clicked ok and back to normal lol 9 day delay but all good


Great! Glad your problem is solved now :slight_smile: Cheers!

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