Rewards not updating

My BAT were transferred as normal to Uphold on about the 6th of August. However in my browser the BAT were not deducted, and there is no increase in BAT being awarded. Is this a Brave fault, or might there be something wrong on my end?


Esto les esta pasando a muchos y no solucionan

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The dashboard is not updated yet because they are still finalizing payments to those creator who did not received their rewards. Support said that our dashboard should be updated by tomorrow or ASAP

Thanks for that jocjoc, I am happy to wait if I know it’s not just my problem. Take care.

If you still not getting BAT yet, you can DM @steeven

BAT rewards in my browser is not getting updated even after I’m browsing through lots of websites @steeven

Hey @steeven i also face same problem. i not received claim massage to claim my last month reward. and from few last week i also not get ads.

I think I am also experiencing the same problem. My rewards is not updating should i take the same answer/

Hi update is in progress , today morning me dashboard was updated

simon no me han pagado nada

Why brave rewards reduce for ads view

My Brave rewards were working the last couple months but now they are not. I’m not recieveing ads and my BAT is not being accredited. What should i do? @steeven

rewards reduced for ads view why is that? thats awful

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