Rewards not transferring to Uphold

Brave rewards shows “connected” to Uphold and it displays my rewards correctly for the month.

According to Uphold:

Last transfer was May 2. I have not received the June or July rewards.

Prior to that I am missing rewards for April.

I do have rewards for Jan, Feb, and March this year, as well as every month last year.

Back to Brave, under the rewards activity page I show literally no transactions for any month in any year.

Using Brave 1.56.20 on Linux (Solus Plasma) direct from repository. I am not using the flatpak.

Is this an Uphold issue or a Brave issue, and what do I need to do to fix this?

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Create a Rewards Support Ticket at

Thank you I have now submitted a ticket. I’m thinking this may be tied to the last rewards bug I posted about…

No one has bothered to respond to my ticket. Is there any hope of this getting fixed?

Oddly, I just got June’s rewards in Uphold? Still no response to the ticket, and still nothing for the other months. But hey, June showed up so that’s something lol.

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