Rewards not obtained of 7th august

I have 2 devices in which 1st is mobile and second is laptop.
but this month I got payment only from my mobile but not from my laptop which is approx of 1.25 BAT and also not able to see those rewards in my laptop


I had faced the same issue my uphold account was linked with two devices and the rewards was supposed to be obtained on 8th Aug 2021 from both the devices ,which was around 5-6 BAT combined from both devices. But still I did not received it and also the BAT token do not show up in the brave browser as well .What to do ??

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I just have the same problem, but with my Samsung phone, I try to claim the rewards and it gives me an error, I have 2 months without being able to charge my cell phone

The payouts are still being carried out. So do wait for a few days.

Check the progress here: Monthly Ads Payout Status Update


Thanks Rajat,
You are very Helpful for Community. :handshake:

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I appreciate this :slight_smile:
Thank You!

So, It means that if isn’t showing the message that the BAT will be transferred in a few days, still there’s a possibility that transactions are still going on?


It may take a few more days even if that timer has disappeared.

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