Rewards not increasing and no notification ads

I was getting ads just fine for Oct-Dec. Beginning of Jan was good too and I was able to get up to .887 in rewards. About the same time as Dec rewards failed I stopped getting ads. This was also about the same time as I changed ISP and brave changed where it auto detected my location to be (even thought I had manually set this prior to ISP switch). What happened to my ads (I liked some of them even).

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I have the same issue and my wallet is verified.


Would you kindly help us address this issue please?

so many people had the same issue including me. I hope it can be fixed.

Hi, not long ago I had the same problem. Try the following:

  • go to: brave://rewards-internals/
  • there go to “Diagnosis” and look if there is an entry at “last unidle timestamp”

If not, then check your USB devices. In my case it was an older joystick which prevented the PC to go into idle state and this affected the browsers ad system. Don’t ask me how this depends to each other but after deploying the joystick I’ve got entries at the diagnosis page and ads / rewards again.

Maybe this helps for you also.

I looked at my idle time and it is current. Thanks for the possible odd solution.

literally exact same thing happening to me. No ads since 1/14. What’s going on, Brave? I also haven’t received my rewards this month.

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