Rewards Not Added to Wallet

I have been using Brave for a couple months.

On August 5, I expected my July rewards to be added to my wallet. This never happened. The BAT I had earned just disappeared. I saw other threads explaining that this was a bug, and that missing funds would be added to accounts later in August. I updated my version of Brave, waited for weeks, and nothing happened. Where are these rewards from July?

September 5 will soon be here, and I do not want my rewards that I earned in August to disappear like my July rewards. Am I doing something wrong here?

How do I make sure that my rewards are transferred to my wallet? Shouldn’t this happen automatically?

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Hi @TMcRae and @Asad

I’m still waiting to hear back from someone about this issue. I still haven’t seen any changes to my wallet since August 5 (still 0.0 BAT).

Right now I have 20.40 BAT (3.59 USD) in Estimated Pending Rewards from my August activity.

Please tell me how I can make sure that these earnings are added to my wallet on Sept 5.

I don’t want them to disappear like my earnings from July.

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Everything should process correctly in the September payout. If you don’t get your BAT then, please let me know.

Same issue is happen to me please Brave Support Team help me in this, I hope it will add to my wallet

I have the same problem…any one help me

Now that it’s officially September 8th, I can say that once again, im experiencing an issue with my rewards payments. All device payments scheduled for deposit September 7th.
I have 3 devices, My Laptop, My Main phone (S10) and my work phone (S7). I received my rewards on my laptop just a few minutes ago with virtually no problems. I just got the notification that my S7’s rewards are ready to be claimed, so I just claimed them to the browser because I have been having problems with connecting my S7 Browser to a wallet. The S7 says it’s connected to my Uphold account, but every month the BAT stays in my Browser, never deposited any into my Uphold account.
Finally, I haven’t received any claim notification or BAT to my S10 as of 9/8 12:35pm EST. Which was showing a Balance of nearly 7 BAT scheduled for deposit September 7th. But the BAT Owed Notification at the top on the rewards page has vanished completely, and nothing has deposited into my account or Browser…
Also, Now that Gemini is available for PC Browsers, when will the Gemini/Mobile Browser update be available?