Rewards never arriving after multiple periods. How will total be correct when/if rewards arrive?

Earlier this year in July my account was suddenly ‘Flagged’ and I was unable to re-verify my account for rewards until customer support fixed the issue (Ticket#157226). I was told in October that any past owed rewards would be paid in Novembers scheduled payout, the November payout did not happen and no rewards were sent. I was then told all past due rewards would be paid in Decembers scheduled payout, this payout did not happen.
Now again, am being told all past due rewards will be paid in January.
My account has not received any rewards since the verification issue was fixed in October…my account hasn’t received any rewards at all since July.
Since none of the back owed rewards are never displayed, does BAT have a record of how may BATs are owed to me from these past months?
Customer support does not answer this question for me on my open current ticket #171689 - How will I receive this many months past BAT rewards if there is no report of owed rewards? I started screenshots before Brave wipes out the total.
WIll these all arrive as combined total or did we lose those past few months? I cannot seem to get an answer on this.
I have an rough estimate of the number but will someone from Brave please advise how many total BAT rewards I will be receiving in January for the past 3 months that never arrived?

Thank you

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